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A colaboration of the Art of Catherine and Daniel


12 Little Lions by Cathy Austin
March 2000

12 little lions thought of lion heaven
One went for action and then there were eleven

11 little lions went into their den
One overslept and then there were ten

10 little lions tried to sign
One couldn't get it right and then there were nine

9 little lions went on a date
One fell in love and then there were eight

8 little lions liked the name Devin
One wasn't interested and then there were seven

7 little lions started a rock mix
One got rocked and then there were six

6 little lions did a triple dive
One hit the water hard and then there were five

5 little lions went from door to door
One got rich and then there were four

4 little lions climbed a tree
One jumped and then there were three

3 little lions saw a cow moo
One got disgusted and then there were two

2 little lions had a hot bun
One was a carnivor and then there was one

1 little lion decided to have fun
Now there is none.

Leo The Lion
by Daniel Austin
April 7, 1999
Once upon a time there was a lion named Leo. He Lived in Africa. This morning he hunted for a zebra and ate it for breakfast. He saw a zoo keeper and chased him but when he sprang up to pounce on him, he missed and ran into a cage. Leo is taken away from Africa. And he was also taken to the zoo. He was there for a long time. But he decided to escape so he opened the cage door and ran back to Africa. He mated with Arabella, a beautiful young lioness. And they had a cub. The End